4 Models to Fit Your Cooling Needs

  • SD3X

    $995 Add to cart
    • 13,000 CFM
    • 1/4 HP
    • 36'' Diameter, 19'' wide
    • Two Speed
  • SD4X

    $1,495 Add to cart
    • 23,000 CFM
    • 1 HP and 8.0 Amps
    • 48'' Diameter
    • Single Speed
  • SD5X

    $1,995 Add to cart
    • 33,000 CFM
    • 1.5 HP and 11.1 Amps
    • 59'' Diameter, 20'' wide
    • Single Speed
  • SD6X

    $2,495 Add to cart
    • 43,000 CFM
    • 2.0 HP and 5.8 Amps, Inverter motor
    • 59'' Diameter, 22'' wide
    • Variable Speed

Why Super Duty Fans?

  • Big air movement for improved productivity of workers or livestock
  • Mount at any angle to direct airflow or to exhaust fumes
  • Funnel-shaped airflow for wide distribution without blasting the area directly below
  • Quiet commercial quality belt drive and a totally enclosed motor for years of service.
  • Includes a 15’ power cord with a 3 prong plug for 110 voltage, or 220 if you prefer.
  • Family owned and operated in America. Patent pending design with 21 unique features.



Everyone sells an imported “Industrial” fan that looks good but they just do not move enough air nor survive in a tough environment. And everyone sells a massive HVLS fan which moves some air but at a low-velocity and super high prices. But what about an affordable and durable ceiling fan for industry that actually moves big air? Well, this is where our new Super Duty Fans come in. Take a look at our fans and you will see why they are the solution to your cooling needs, and the new standard for Industrial Ceiling Fans.

Serious Fans Have Shrouds!

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What they are saying!

  • Scott A. Miami FL

    My employees are happier, and my employee turnover is lower since I installed two of the SD5XL fans in my manufacturing facility. I highly recommend them!
  • Paul S. Des Moines, IA

    We hung 6 of the Super Duty Fans in my dairy barn and the difference was night and day. We plan to add more to other barns before summer. These fans are well-built and move a lot of air, and I recommend them.
  • Richard M. Houston, TX

    The summers inside my airplane hangar were unbearable, so we bought a SD5XL fan and hung it in the middle of our 60’ x 65’hangar. It moves air throughout the entire building, and we can work on the airplanes in July with no problem. This was a lot less money than those big fans, they move more air, and the quality is excellent.