Fan Features

Our Super Duty Fans are the new standard in Industrial Ceiling Fans, and here is why:

  • Huge Airflow

    Job one is to move a lot of air, so everything in the driveline is built to do exactly that. From the powerful motors to the massive drive pulley, and from the unique blades to the special shroud enclosure, they all work together to move massive amounts of air. While most fan manufacturers will not disclose their low CFM levels, we are proud to shout our high CFM levels from the rooftops.
  • Corrosion Resistant

    Made to last for years, every part of the Super Duty Fans is either powder-coated, stainless steel, or zinc plated to resist corrosion, even in coastal areas. Even the power cord is SJOOW weather rated for durability.
  • Attractive Look

    Fans don’t have to look boring. Our blades are polished and the frame is powder-coated in gloss finish, for that cool bad boy appearance. Everyone will know that it is a Super Duty Fan in your facility.
  • Low Noise Levels

    Our fans are extremely quiet. With belt-driven drivelines and grooved blades made of thick Krupp polished stainless steel, the noise level is minimal. Fans should be felt and not heard.
  • Wide Airflow

    Our patent-pending fan design spreads the airflow in a 45-degree cone pattern. Because Super Duty Fans are small enough to fit into tight areas, this airflow pattern can provide cooling for your employees in areas where larger overhead fans would not work.
  • Reliable Support

    We guarantee your Super Duty Fan experience to be exceptional. We are a family owned and operated business in North Texas, USA. Our fans come with a 1-year warranty on the motor and a 5-year warranty on the fan structure. Product quality and service are our priorities.
  • Powerful Motors

    Our motors are specific motors for belt-drive fans, so they run at high RPM’s where they are happy and cool, and let the belt driveline reduce the blade RPM to the perfect speed for maximum airflow. Totally enclosed motors provide years of service in challenging industrial & agricultural conditions. While we wire the motors for 120 voltage, they are able to be wired for 220 if you prefer.
  • Easy Hanging System

    Our Quad Strap Hanging System makes installation a breeze. Simply hang the four straps from the ceiling, then hang the fan on the straps and plug it in. The straps will not corrode, transfer vibration, or break. Each strap can hold 10 fans by itself, so they are safe and strong for years of worry-free service. You can even vary the strap lengths to mount the fans at an angle to direct airflow to certain areas, or down a long aisle.