Frequently Asked Questions

Why a shrouded fan?

Because they move the most air! If you think about it, any serious cooling demand uses a shrouded fan, like vehicle radiator fans, HVAC, and nuclear reactors to name a few examples. The shroud forces the air forward instead of allowing it to slip off the end of the blades. Much more efficient, and safer too. Well, except for the nuclear thing. Sorry.

Why belt-drive?

Belt-drive fans are much quieter than direct-drive fans. The belt absorbs the vibration created by a motor, and does not transfer it to the blade assembly. On a direct-drive fan, the motor vibration is transferred directly to the blade assembly, which amplifies the sound into unbearable levels, like an infant on an airplane. Another benefit of belt-drive fans is motor longevity. Our motors are free to run at the high rpm they require to develop max power and to cool themselves, while the belt system reduces the blade rpm to the perfect speed to move big air. Conversely, direct-drive motors run at a slower speed and require the blades to run at the same supersonic motor rpm, which creates the incredible deafening noise – and tremendous stress on the blade system, reducing the service life on the whole mess. Maybe direct-drive fans are ok if you live next to a busy freeway, or as a gift for in-laws who gave your child a drum set.

How are these fans mounted to the ceiling?

Our Quad Strap mounting system is easy and foolproof, fool. The 4 straps have a loop on each end and one end attaches to an eyebolt on the fan frame, with an oval connector we include. The other end of the strap is attached to the ceiling structure in a sensible manner, like an eyebolt/eyescrew, or by simply wrapping the strap around a beam/joist and then through its own loop before attaching it to the fan eyebolt. You can mount the fan flat or at any angle to direct the airflow, by varying the length of the straps. The straps will not corrode, transfer vibration to the ceiling, or break as each strap holds at least 10x the weight of the fan, or 3x the weight of your mother-in-law. The straps will not corrode, transfer vibration to the ceiling, or break as each strap holds at least 2250 pounds, while our largest fan weighs only 122 pounds.

What voltage is required?

Our fans run on 120 Volt, 60 Hz, single phase, but they can be wired for 220 voltage if you prefer.. Each fan includes a 15’ power cord with a 3 prong plug. You can use a good 14 or 16 gauge extension cord also, but not that skinny orange thing knotted up in the corner since Christmas.

Can I hard wire the fan?

Go for it.  Just cut the power cord and connect it to the hard wire in the ceiling.  Use only an on/off switch and not a variable speed switch, which will burn up the motor, and make you burning hot again.  And remember, most people are shocked when they discover they hired an incompetent electrician.

Why a funnel-shaped airflow?

We worked long and hard to achieve this airflow shape – to provide even cooling to the whole area below the fan, without just blasting the area directly below the fan.  This funnel shape not only provides a consistent airflow distribution but also promotes airflow expansion when it hits the floor at an angle and spreads farther to cool an even bigger area.  We are so proud of this design that we are patent pending on it, and giving out cigars.

Why are your blades grooved?

We groove the blades for rigidity to dampen vibration and noise. Many cheap fans fail when the aluminum blades develop stress cracks at the hub screws and the blade goes flying off, so we manage the vibration to prevent this failure. Our blades are groovy to give you only good vibes.

Are these fans portable?

Yes.  Take them with you to the campground, Hawaii, jobsite, fishing lodge, or wherever else you go to watch TV.  Because they are easy to hang and plug in, you can quickly remove and reinstall them to get big air anywhere. For large buildings, you can move them to areas where seasonal work is being done, or areas that require temporary cooling. Maybe your awesome brother-in-law will do it while you eat beef jerky and point? 

Do they come assembled?

The fans come fully assembled, except you must re-mount the motor.  We mount the motor sideways for shipping, so you simply turn it around and tighten the belt.  Easy Peasy.  This is not IKEA.

Isn’t this just a barrel fan mounted horizontally?

Similar in appearance, but huge differences. Our Super Duty Fans are a clean sheet design to specifically move big air from the heavens, and address the special needs of a ceiling fan with regards to airflow and safety. The motors are suitable for vertical orientation, the airflow shape is manipulated for even cooling, the round frame is shaped specifically to resist twisting and distorting when hung, and the steel crossbar frame holds it all together firmly and provides a safe mounting system.

Where is it made?

Why?  Are you going to come steal them?  You are making me nervous with all these questions.  We assemble and distribute our fans at our global headquarters facility in Pilot Point, Texas, USA.  Parts are manufactured in the US and worldwide, and all the motors are from US companies like Leeson and Marathon.  We have a watchdog named Sammie, our VP & Managing Director of Facility Security.  He will trip you!

What is the warranty?

Motors have a one year manufacturers warranty for defects in materials or workmanship. The fan unit has a 5 year factory warranty against defects in material or workmanship. We stand behind them. You stand under them.  We will stand beside you if you have Margarita’s and barbeque.

Are you the fan man?

You damn right I am!  My DNA is from Denmark and Germany where it does not get too hot, so my body is pre-programmed to over-react to heat.  After a few minutes in the Texas heat with no air movement I am completely soaked with sweat and dehydrated for the rest of the day.  But, give me some air movement, just something moving man, and I am good to go.  I’m probably better suited as a Nordic fisherman, but we bloom where we are planted.  Our Super Duty Fans are born from necessity, for all my fellow fan aficionados to enjoy. My DNA also shows I am related to the Dane who invented the wooden shoe, but he unfortunately died at a young age while stomping out a campfire.

Be cool my brothers & sisters.  Be cool.